15 February 2011

In Which I Attempt to Make up for Lost Time


It turns out that gestating another human being is quite the time and energy hungry process.  Who knew?

However, I am officially on maternity leave as on Monday and the baby is due in just 8 days (surely that can't be right) I thought at the very least I should stop in with a pre-labour and delivery ward update.
Apart from significant amounts of eating and sleeping, we've been keeping a relatively low profile in December and January as we've had lots to do to get the house in some kind of shape which has included total renovation of the littlest bedroom and lots of finishing off of bits and pieces.  I'm not sure why my brain thinks the baby will take one look at the place and refuse to move in if the windows are a bit streaky or the tops of the cupboards in the kitchen not fully cleaned, but there is no reasoning with it.  I flew into quite the rage the other day to find I was too fat to be able to bend to reach the bottom cupboards last week which is quite the most irrational thing ever.
Yesterday was a fairly productive day for me, I cleaned the kitchen made two cakes, went to the post office, dried some washing on the line and even did some scrapbooking.  I clearly went a bit overboard though as I have spectacularly failed to move from this sofa all day, even having a snooze at 10 o'clock this morning.
These layouts I have casually scattered around are the leftovers from the GoGo Getaway - however, I do have some new things to exhibit when I get round to it and even better that, I have a fab baby scrapbooking kit which I shall be ripping into sooner or later which goes together to make up an album of the first year. 

Wish me luck  xxx


  1. ha ha - I thought I recognised those LO's!! Lovely to see them finally finished after all that paper shuffling in October?
    Glad to hear that you are dabbling in a bit of everything which of course should always include HUGE amounts of general loafing on the sofa! Good for you, can't wait for the next bit of news xx

  2. Sounds like you're starting to nest, Polly. Eight days to go, how exciting. Good Luck with it all. Make the most of every minute when junior arrives, they grow so fast!!
    Hugs Lisax

  3. How great to hear from you Polly - been wondering where you were - so glad I didn't delete your blog from my list when I "tidied up"!
    8 days to go...wow! At least if the house is clean before baby comes, you may be able to relax when the baby is here, and not exhaust yourself trying to be houseproud and a "perfect mummy"!
    Love the scrap pages - the first one made me smile - such an original idea!